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Account Opening Checklist

Welcome to Santon Financial Group Ltd (Sanston). please provide the following supporting documents, sign and complete all our forms in person with us:

For Individual/Joint Account Opening
Individual/Joint Cash/Margin Account Agreement.
Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card(s) or unexpired Government issued Identification Document Card(s) or Passport(s) of all account holder(s).
Copy of valid Residential Address Proof. (dated within last 3 months)
Copy of valid Correspondence Address Proof (if different from Residential Address) dated within last 3 months.
For Corporate Account Opening:
Corporate Cash/Margin Account Agreement
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Board Resolution/Minutes approving the opening of Securities trading account with Sanston Financial Group Limited and approving the authorised persons to operate the aforesaid account with specimen signatures of account signatories.
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Certificate of Incorporation or other constitutional documents providing the incorporation or similar evidence of the legal status of the corporation.
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Business Registration Certificate. (for HK registered company or equivalent document from overseas company if any)
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Registers of Directors.
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Registers of Members.
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Subscriber Appointment of First Director(s). (for offshore registered company only)
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Consent to act as Director(s). (for offshore registered company only)
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Latest audited financial statements. (if any)
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of Latest annual return filed with Companies Registry. (for HK registered company or equivalent document for overseas company if any)
CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of ID or passport of the substantial shareholders (where applicable, ultimate principal beneficial owners) and at least two of the directors.
Letter of Guarantee and certified true copy of HK identity card or passport of guarantor. (if any)
Copy of valid Address Proof within the last 3 months.
Other Related Documents
Client Credit Check (if applicable) for clients who is the Citizens of Malaysia or Singapore referred by our overseas Group Company only.
Letter of Authorisation (if applicable) for authorising a third party to operate the account.
Discretionary Account Agreement for authorising Account Executive/Sales to operate the account. (if applicable)
Consent Letter of Account Opening (if applicable) issued by the client's employer for client who is a licensed/registered securities professional, or working in a licensed/registered corporation with SFC.
Declaration of Interests (if applicable) for client working in a financial institution, but does not deal with any securities/futures related trading matter in the financial institution.
Income Proof. (Upon request)
For Institutional Clients Only
Copy of Regulatory Licence (copy of SFC licence for HK company or equivalent for overseas company)

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